Corporate Social Responsibility

Doğuş  REIT committed itself to contributing to the social development of Turkey with long running projects it carries out in many aspects from environmental projects, helps to cultural centers to contributions to education and, supports to the disabled people.

Doğuş  REIT adopts the social responsibility principles to comply with all laws and environmental values and, one of the outstanding projects it has carried out is the support to the Dudullu Cultural Center for the purpose of contributing to the social and cultural development of Dudullu. Further, in order to reduce the negative impacts on the ecological balance, which is significant to the Dogus Group, the plastic and paper waste collected within the company and separated accordingly are regularly sent to the Ayhan Şahenk Foundation.

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Supports provided by our centers recorded in our portfolio of real estate properties:

Doğuş Center Maslak

Down Syndrome Association

Due to the World Down Syndrome Day, 21st March, Doğuş Center Maslak allocated its advertisement locations for the purpose of supporting the attempts of Down Turkey to let the people with down syndrome settle independent, productive and social lives and, creating awareness of the society for the people with down syndrome.

HayKonFed (Animals’ Living Rights Confederation)

The banners reading “get an animal from the animal shelter to give it a new life” to encourage people to choose animals from the animal shelter instead of the pet shops were broadcast on the digital screens of the Doğuş Center Maslak.

Association of Sports Academy for the Disabled People

Doğuş Center Maslak let the disabled members of the Association of Sports Academy for the Disabled People exhibit their products created thanks to the skills they have obtained from the professional courses they had attended and, the revenue thereof was allocated for the purchase of wheel chairs.


Your grants make the whole year a holiday

Aid efforts were made to can the meats from the Eid Al-Adhaand, distribute them to those in need during the whole year.


From your heart

Aid efforts were made to raise donations from the benefactors during the Eid Al-Adha and, distribute them to those in need.

Cancer Free Life Association

A Child Inside

The banners of the project initiated to support the inmates’ children who need to live in the prison were broadcast on the digital screens of the Doğuş Center Maslak.


Not Necessarily. But, education is sine qua non.

The promotions of this project initiated to support education of the children with no family were broadcast on the digital screens of the Doğuş Center Maslak.

LÖSEV (Foundation for Children with Leukemia)

LÖSEV shop products designed and made by the mothers and young people (additive-free love chocolates, mugs, badges, collar badges, baby dolls etc.) were put up for sale at the stand in the Doğuş Center Maslak. The revenue was allocated to provide continuous resource for the treatment, education and social requirements of the children with leukemia.

PAYDER (Plastic Industrialists Association)

Contribution to the animal shelter for street animals by collecting plastic waste send for recycling.

Support to Blue Cap Attempt

Blue caps from the plastic bottles used in the Shopping Mall of the Doğuş Center Maslak are collected and, delivered to the respective organizations for purchase of wheel chairs.

Gebze Center Shopping Mall

Autism Awareness Week

Under the World Autism Awareness Week, April 2, an exhibition was set up by the autistic children in Gebze Center and, the visitors were informed accordingly.

Let Toys Spring to Life

A project “Let Toys Spring to Life” was organized in cooperation with the District Governorship of Gebze. An aid campaign was initiated for abandoned and disabled children with a toy box set up in the Gebze Center. All toys collected by the visitors of the Gebze Center under this social responsibility project were delivered to the children in need.

Art Exhibitions

All works from the Vocational Courses organized by Kocaeli and Gebze Municipality have been exhibited in the Shopping Mall in the form of an exhibition and, the visitors were informed about these courses.

Society for the Protection of Children

The children from the institution for the care of orphans were invited to use all entertainment and cinema facilities within the Shopping Mall for free of charge and, spend a beautiful day.

Campaign for Collection of Books

The boxes were set up in the exhibition area during the 5th Gebze Book Days to collect books in this campaign organized in cooperation with the Gebze Chamber of Commerce. These books collected were donated to the students in need.

Construction of a Library

Gebze Center participated in the project “Favor Festival” initiated in Gebze. Under this project, a library was constructed for the Emlak Konutları Elementary School and, more than 3000 books were donated.

Atatürk Corner

An Atatürk Corner and archive room were set up for the Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Elementary School in Gebze.