Doğuş Center Maslak

"Select brands of the Doğuş Group in Maslak, a significant business and finance area of İstanbul..."

Doğuş Center Maslak includes Doğuş Automotive brands, showrooms, and service areas, as well as Doğuş Media Group and brands and a food court.

The shopping mall is situated in Maslak, a significant business and finance center in Istanbul. The center boasts a total area of 63,202 square meters, of which 47,398 square meters is leasable area.

Doğuş Center Maslak was inaugurated in November 2006, immediately after the completion of construction.

The building has a 24.46 percent share in the company’s investment property portfolio and its value is 579,745,000 Turkish lira according to the appraisal report of December 28, 2021, prepared by TSKB Gayrimenkul Değerleme A.Ş.

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Construction Type Reinforced Concrete Carcass + Steel Construction
Number of Floors 5 (3 Basements+ ground floor + 1 normal floor) (*)
Age ~ 10
Total Construction Area 63.202 m²
Total Leasable Area 47.398 m²
Electricity Mains Power
Transformer 1unit x 2.500 KWA, 1unit x 1.650 KWA, 2 units x 800 KWA, 1 unit 630 KWA
Generator 2 units x 1.600 KVA, 2 units 815 KVA, 1unit x 630 KVA, all diesel fuel, brand: Teksan
Lightning Conductor Available
Tap Water Water Main
Water Tank Reinforced concrete water tanks (total 590 tons)
Water Booster Available
Treatment Plant Potable Water Treatment Plant
Sewerage Sewerage System
Natural Gas Available
Air Conditioning Available in all closed volumes (Roof top system), normal floors and management offices (VRV system). Viessmanbranded heat boilers.
Security Security personnel and surveillance cameras (~98 units)
Announcing System Announcing systems available in all closed volumes for customers
Elevators 3 units of customer elevators, 4 units of freight elevators and 6 units of escalators
Fire Notification System Smoke and heat detectors
Fire Extinguishing Installation Fire cabinets, hydranths, sprinkler system and fire extinguishers
Fire Escape Available (5 units)
Façade Covered with aluminum panels
Roof Space frame type and steel construction roof
Parking lot Parking lot and parking garage of 900 vehicles in total
Salable / Leasable capability Salable/ Leasable

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