Human Resources Policy

Training and Development

Our purpose is to support our employees in improving their knowledge, skills and competences in both helping them to achieve their job targets and adding to their self-improvement. All employees are encouraged to participate in personal improvement programs, trainings, courses, seminars, congresses, memberships in professional organizations, fairs and other related programs.

Performance Management

We enable our employees to see their contributions to the company and to focus themselves on their own career plans by integrating the corporate goals and strategies with our employees’ individual goals and responsibilities.
The performance of our employees is evaluated by defining measurable goals within a fair and an objective system that integrates the job performance with our values.
Employees and executives are always kept in dialog through one-to-one meetings held throughout the year with respect to job targets and individual goals. In line with all assessment process, we carry out practices such as training and development planning, horizontal-vertical career planning and recognition (prize-awarding) based on performance exhibited.

Compensation System and Benefits

We pay net wages as 12 salaries a year. Salary rises are made twice-a-year (in January and in June) in line with macroeconomic conditions, corporate performance, projects and the results of the sector analysis.
All our employees have private health and private life insurances.
Office hours are 08:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. during weekdays.
Leave-taking policy is applied in compliance with the Labor Code.
For lunch, Monthly-loadable lunch cards are given to our employees. Limitless and free tea and coffee service is also available throughout the day.
For safe transportation to and from office, there provided personnel shuttle services that carry our employees through various routes. Company cars are allocates to personnel of executive level. Besides, there are corporate pool cars which are available for use of our employees during the day for business requirements.