Recruitment process is carried out by using objective and fair measurement and evaluation methods in line with our goals and values once there is a vacant position. We base our choices around the philosophy of “right person for the right job” and search among the professionals who are capable of meeting our corporate values, who have the required knowledge and competencies and who are capable of making a difference with their performance.

Applications for vacancies at our company are accepted online. A very good level of English is a significant precondition for all positions. Candidates found to be meeting the criteria set for the mentioned position are invited to hold an interview first with a representative of the Human Resources Department and then with the executives concerned. Candidates, who satisfy all steps of interview process and meet reference inquiries, are offered the job by the Human Resources Department. Applications of other candidates, who are included in interviews and evaluations but not offered the job, are kept in HR database and followed up for other possible vacancies.

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